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    Frequently Asked Questions

    UPDC Plc is an institutional property company with expertise in the acquisition, development, sale, and management of a diverse mix of assets. These assets include commercial properties, residential properties, hospitality establishments, and retail spaces across Nigeria.

    For inquiries about purchasing a unit at The Hampshire Property, please contact our sales team at or call <br/> +234 901 000 3018 <br/> +234 902 348 8511.

    UPDC Plc was founded in 1997, and it has been operating for nearly 25 years. During this time, it has played a significant role in shaping the Nigerian real estate sector by contributing to world-class developments.

    UPDC Plc operates in various sectors, including:

      • Residential: Developing and managing residential properties.
      • Commercial: Handling commercial real estate projects.
      • Retail: Managing retail spaces.
      • Hospitality: Overseeing hospitality assets.

    UPDC Plc is known for providing distinctive lifestyle properties across Nigeria. Its commitment to exceptional quality, robust portfolio, and successful track record makes it stand out in the real estate market.

    Yes, UPDC Plc is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Its listing dates back to 1998, further establishing its credibility and presence in the financial market



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    Reports or concerns regarding UPDC Plc business practices or employees can be safely and anonymously made through the below secure and confidential Channel.


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