Renovating a Living Room? Experts Share Their Secrets

Renovating a Living Room? Experts Share Their Secrets.

1.  Incorporate Curves

The curvy decor trend which made a comeback in 2022 is all set to rule the living room space in 2023. Curved architecture like arched doorways hold good for aesthetics and practical use. (

Curvaceous furniture like curved back sofas, barrel chairs, and round pillows are a perfect addition to a progressive living room.

2.  Choose Innovative Accent Pieces

Rise in accent chairs with extensive detailing and unexpected color pairings for textiles is a great way to add personality to your living room.

From being a conversation starter to defining the tonality of the home, innovative accent pieces do more than justice for their sought-after prices. After all, it’s the objects we fill our rooms with that hold the most power to our mental peace.

A meaningful collection of things is a complete value for money when you don’t want to do the talking yourself but still leave a lasting impression.

3.  Draw Inspiration from Nature

Nature has inspired many notable creations in the past and this reliance only seems to get stronger in the future. Nature-inspired living spaces can add volume to the space and create a sense of calm and peace.

Consider using earthy and water tones like greens and blues to bring the outdoors inside.

4.  Think About Lighting

 “The most crucial element in decorating your living room is paying attention to your lighting. Instead of having one feature pendant in the centre of the space, placing smaller lamps dotted around to create a cohesive space that is both calm and tranquil rather than stark and bright will help emulate an opulent environment. Whether that be reading lights, smaller side table lamps or candles – designers always play with lighting to transform a space.”

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